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About the DTC

The Guilford Democratic Town Committee (DTC) is an elected body that represents the Town’s registered Democrats. As such, it is responsible for identifying, endorsing, and helping to elect Democratic candidates at the local, state, and federal levels. The DTC also actively promotes citizen participation in the political process and provides information to raise residents’ awareness of opportunities and issues facing the Town. 

In supporting the election of Democrats to public office, the DTC identifies and recommends qualified individuals to serve on the Town’s elected and volunteer boards and commissions.  Find out more about open board and commissions seats, and to apply for a position, here.

The DTC works as well to promote responsive municipal and political leadership. During election cycles, the DTC publicizes its candidates’ positions on critical Town issues, organizes Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities, and encourages new voter registration. 

Help make Guilford better by joining the DTC. All Democrats are welcome at monthly DTC meetings. Click here to see our By-Laws.

Our Officers

  • DTC Chair, Tara Hunt Melvin
  • DTC Vice-Chair, Veronica Wallace
  • DTC Treasurer, Michael Ayles
  • DTC Secretary, Lisa Kelly

Monthly Meetings

Regular meetings are held at 7:30pm on the third Thursday of the month. Meetings usually take place in the Community Center at 32 Church Street, but they may be at Democratic headquarters during campaign season. Special Meetings may also be called by the Chair or by a written request from a third of the members. DTC meetings keep members well informed by means of

  • local State legislators’ reports
  • Town officials’ reports
  • DTC committee reports
  • member discussions
  • occasional guest speakers

The DTC Chair presides over the meeting and follows an agenda. Prepared by the Chair with input from the Executive Committee and DTC members, the usual agenda includes approval of past minutes and reports by DTC officers and elected as well as appointed officials. Both old and new business may also be discussed. The agenda and minutes of the previous meeting are delivered electronically to members before each meeting; copies are also available at the meeting itself. A quorum of two-fifths of the membership is required to officially conduct business. 

Postal Address

Guilford Democratic Town Committee

PO Box 1420

Guilford, CT  06437

Website Management Info

This website,, exists to further the mission of the Guilford DTC. Its goal is to provide reliable and useful information to the people of Guilford, Connecticut. To maintain the site’s integrity, all information posted on the site will be done by the Guilford DTC or its designee. Although the site will not host chat rooms or other user forums, it may contain links to news or other sites that relate to the DTC’s mission. 

Paper Donation Form

Print and mail this form to donate to the Guilford Democratic Town Committee.

Guilford - form_p_party_committee_certification (with email) (1) (pdf)