Matt Hoey for First Selectman


“As Chairman of the Board of Finance, I’ve spent over two decades carefully watching over our costs, utilizing best business practices including cost-benefit analysis, and making cuts when reasonable, but as importantly investing in the future of the town and schools to maintain or improve our excellent services.”

Matt Hoey will protect Guilford’s healthy fiscal position while preserving the quality of life that makes Guilford one of most desirable places to live or to raise a family in the state.

As First Selectman, Matt Hoey is committed to the same fiscal approach he utilized on the Board of Finance:

  • Evaluate every expenditure against its benefit
  • Maintain Guilford’s excellent bond rating through judicious borrowing for appropriate investments
  • Protect the Rainy Day Fund from unnecessary withdrawals
  • Continue to move personnel benefits costs toward alignment with the private sector
  • Work with other boards and commissions to generate the highest quality programs for the lowest reasonable cost
  • Keep property taxes in line with our ability to pay
  • Work with our representatives to reform our property tax system and maintain reasonable state aid to reduce reliance on residential property taxes

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On the Issues:

Shoreline Greenway Trail
While I am supportive of all forms of outdoor recreation, I disagree with the process related to this initiative and have significant concerns over the proposed route. For my support of this initiative, the plan must include:

  1. A fully fleshed out map showing the entire route and agreements from all affected landowners.
  2. No use of eminent domain.
  3. No use of State right of way unless affected property owners agree.
  4. An itemization of the Town’s responsibilities for the maintenance of the trail and all anticipated costs to the town.

The Environment

As First Selectman, I will fight for our open spaces–from our woodlands to our shorelines–to keep Guilford beautiful for generations to come. I will:

  1. Protect the Long Island Sound and the shoreline
  2. Make the town and school buildings more energy efficient
  3. Work to increase energy efficiencies
  4. Preserve existing recreation spaces
  5. Invest in Jacobs and Lake Quonnipaug beaches


As Chairman of the Board of Finance for 24 years, I delivered the new High School and All-Day Kindergarten, helping to make Guilford one of the top 10 school systems statewide. As First Selectman, I’ll fight to:

  • Provide a great education to every child and continue to improve our schools
  • Preserve successful class sizes
  • Keep all our elementary schools open

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